Make sure that you have your say

We will bring your brief to life as well as provide creative vision and technical support wherever needed.

Events really matter

We believe that events really matter. which is why we treat each event from concept to delivery as if it were our own.


Technical Support

We provides creative and technical support for ive events with the emphasis on personal service. We hope you find everything here that you need to give you the confidence to get in touch with us to discuss your next event.


Audio Visual Services

We provide a managed technical package for our clients working through one point of contact.


Event Production

Everything you need to create memorable, eye-catching events, from individual services to fully integrated and bespoke solutions. The answer is yes, now what’s the question?

Production side of the set

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Technical Support for live events

Each event is a custom project irrespective of size or budget, that’s what makes us different. Our events include, conferences, product launches, award shows, roadshows both at home and abroad.


A little bit of what we do

Find us at 360 TV Event Technical Support Talwrn Bach Llwyn y Groes Wales SY25 6PY E: W:
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